The Beatles are the most influential rock band of all time, full stop. Whether it's the most the most mainstream music to the most left-field metal, nearly every rock-related artist is inspired by the John, Paul, George and Ringo. For instance: when the Fab Four released “Twist and Shout,” it was the blueprint for what would become hard rock. With John Lennon utilizing a harsh vocal style, Ringo Starr annihilating his drum kit and the entire band roaring through the cut at what was then a lightning-fast pace, the Beatles conjured a kind of energy never seen or heard before.

Going from a cheesy pop-rock band to progressive giants, the Beatles brought experimental music to the masses with Rubber Soul and Revolver. The latter was especially artistic with tracks like “Eleanor Rigby,” “Yellow Submarine” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” expanding the borders of popular music.

Later into the Beatles’ career, they became one of the heaviest bands to pre-date the metal genre. Though heavy metal and doom metal are both attributed to Black Sabbath, the Beatles wrote what could be considered the first proto-metal song with “Helter Skelter.” Those grooves don’t lie. Furthermore, the group laid the foundation for doom with “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” The final three-minute guitar line in “I Want You” was pure Iommi before Iommi was Iommi… and you can quote us on that.

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