In this new string of Loud Lists, we pay tribute to the often overlooked bands of each decade. First up — the most underrated bands of the 1970s.

The ‘70s was a time when experimentation was at its peak in popular music. Rolling off the LSD movement of the late ‘60s, more bands began to explore alternate dimensions with their music. No weirder band came out of the ‘70s than Magma, a progressive / art rock collective that sang using an entirely fictional language, Kobaïan.

As punk rock began its ascent in the 1970s, bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols led rock’s most dangerous genre into the public eye. Punk exploded by the late ‘70s, but acts like the Stranglers and the Damned never quite hit that iconic level of their peers, despite releasing incredible music during punk’s heyday.

The decade was one of the most exciting times for progressive rock. Though some bands turned the genre into a bloated instrumental wankfest, others balanced infinite dynamics with expert virtuosity. Never truly appreciated in their time, Camel released seven studio albums in the 1970s and they’ve held up incredibly over time.

Check out our picks for the 10 Most Underrated Bands of the 1970s in the Loud List above.

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