Punk rock scumbag and self-help guru GG Allin had a unique perspective on how life should be lived. On this Monday morning, we’ve put together 10 of the most motivational GG Allin moments we could find to help you take on the week.

GG Allin famously loved to attack his audience at live shows. Many perceived GG as a wild barbarian who simply set out to hurt people, but there was a philosophical (and highly motivational) purpose behind his actions. “That pain creates strength, power and endurance, because if you put yourself through that tragedy every day, you can face that tragedy when it hits you,” Allin said on Geraldo.

Allin was a poet’s poet, in that he truly lived by the words he wrote. While meeting with some of his fans, one woman read aloud some words penned by GG, resulting in uproarious applause. “I don’t bathe often or change my clothes. I hang out with Jim Beam and I do not record for popularity. I do it for myself, only because it’s my life.”

GG often spoke of legacy and how he wanted to leave a lasting impact on his beloved rock ’n’ roll. The singer even wanted his death to have an impact, living so hard and fast that he could never be forgotten. “If you seek death, you accelerate life,” Allin said in a backstage interview. “You’re living so fast and you’re putting so many years in such a little bit of time that if I was to die tomorrow, I’d probably still lived more years than most people.”

Check out these 10 Motivational GG Allin Moments in the Loud List above. You can do it.

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