Everyone knows that filing your taxes can be a huge headache. While it can be a pain, it's definitely not something you want to take lightly.

Most people get them mailed out way before the deadline ever gets close. Others have a bit more complicated tax system they have to file. For those who think they might have made a mistake here or there, beware.

Here is a list of signs that you may have improperly filed your tax return.

1. Your wife calls and tells you that she will be filing as “Single” next year.

2. You kid tells you that someone took their toys saying they were back payment.

3. You wake up and your bed has been moved into the front yard with a sign on your house “Property of the IRS.”

4. You find yourself claiming that nothing you own actually belongs to you.

5. Turbo Tax sends you an email confirmation which consists only of a middle finger.

6. Your tax refund check is more than your income over the last five years.

7. Wesley Snipes sends you a Facebook friend request asking you to be "roomies."

8. H&R Block sends you a sympathy Hallmark card.

9. Your impromptu lunch date turns out to be an IRS collections agent.

10. You have a list of reasons why your mattress is full of money.

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