We’re getting even deeper into rock and metal’s greatest drummers in this Loud List. Since we’ve already served up the best drum intros, we threw together a list of the 15 Greatest Drum Breaks of All Time.

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear this list was inspired by Dave Lombardo’s iconic double kick break on Slayer’s “Angel of Death.” With the entire instrumental section dropping out except for Lombardo’s kick drums, this break is one of the most effective pieces of composition in thrash.

Some of the moments we selected are from tracks that are more of a drum break than a song! Take Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick,” for example. Though it’s mostly John Bonham going nuts behind the kit, his solo is bookended by guitar and bass work, so it counts. The same can be said for Cream’s “Toad,” but since Ginger Baker’s bandmates chime in on the cut, we included his monstrous work as a drum break.

Though The Who’s Keith Moon certainly isn’t an underrated drummer, his break in “Won’t Get Fooled Again” doesn’t get enough praise, in our opinion. Perhaps it’s overshadowed by Roger Daltrey’s iconic scream, but the reason it stands out so brilliantly is because of Moon’s magnificent setup. that moment simply doesn’t hit unless the percussion icon flies through his manic fill.

Check out our picks for the 15 Greatest Drum Breaks of All Time in the Loud List above.

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