Texas is a mysterious place for more reasons than one.

Mostly, it's because half of the town names are not spelled to reflect pronunciation. It's like someone just took some letters and threw them together while saying some other word.

Here are some of the common mix-ups that happen when people are trying to pronounce Texas towns.

  • 1


    Unlike the city in Florida, this small West Texas town is pronounced "My-am-uh".

  • 2


    It might look like "Born," but this one is pronounced, "Ber-nee". As in Sanders.

  • 3


    People probably just throw guesses at this one. It's not pronounced "Qwit-a-cue," but "Kitty-qway".

  • 4


    Not to be confused with the Buddhist idol, which is pronounced, "Boo-duh". You say this one, "Byoo-duh".

  • 5


    If you have any knowledge of Spanish pronunciations, this one will stump you every time. Typical Spanish rules would dictate that this is pronounced, "Yawn-oh," but instead, it's pronounced, "Lan-oh".

  • 6


    Home of the famous Gruene Hall, this is a popular stop on any tour of Texas. However, instead of "Grewn" or "Grew-en-ee," you pronounce this one, "Green."

  • 7


    If you've still got faith in the people of Texas, this will cause you to lose all of that. Mexia is not pronounced "Mex-ee-uh". Instead, it's, "Muh-hay-uh." Just what.

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