Recently I talked about how one local business was still staying open by adjusting how they operate. I love stories like this. I found another one today.

Unique Toys of Amarillo is still open, and they have come up with a creative way of serving customers. They'll be your "personal shoppers."

Let's say I have a girl that is 6 years old. I can message them on Facebook or call them, and they will tell me what they have that they think my daughter would love.

They'll help you pick out some things and take your order. You then go pick it up curbside.

If you're needing or thinking about getting some things for the kids to keep them preoccupied, and might also be educational, check out Unique Toys. They're local and "love being your personal shopper."

This is the type of stuff that I find encouraging. While a lot of keyboard warriors want to pretend like the whole world is falling apart, what you find when you go looking is that most people are finding ways to keep going. It may not be what we're used to, but it's enough to keep us going.


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