A familiar Christmas melody you and I love to sing along to is being pulled from a radio station! There's been a lot of controversy about the Christmas classic "Baby It's Cold Outside" lately. The controversy all started when Star 102 thought it would be best to dismiss this Christmas tune. Due to the Me Too supporters, Star 102 seems to be a supporter as well on how they acted on the Christmas classic. The lyrics that say "I ought to say no, no, no" and he mentions moving in closer is causing quite a stir. Anyone can transform this song into a variety of opinions, not JUST rape. From a background like mine, I would assume she really wants to stay but has a strict father and is saying no for that particular reason. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion but can't grasp how Star 102 could pull that classic.  Which is why I want to know if you think it was the right or wrong move to pull all versions of "Baby It's Cold Outside" below!

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