This again? This again. There's been a lot of back and forth regarding the potential inclusion of Ace Frehley on KISS' "End of the Road" farewell tour. The latest news is that the Spaceman has a "gut feeling" both sides will come to an agreement and he'll hit the stage with the legendary rockers at some point before they hang up their platform boots for good.

The short of this storyline is that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were open to the idea of Frehley making onstage appearances. The problem for Frehley is that Tommy Thayer currently plays the Spaceman character and the original KISS guitarist is adamant that he will not perform with Thayer in uniform as the character he created back in the '70s.

Stanley mentioned in an interview that Frehley and original drummer Peter Criss were fired three times, which incensed Frehley, leading to the now infamous "gloves are off" post where he clapped back at his former bandmates.

It all seems to be water under the bridge as Frehley appears to be open to a reconciliation, as evidenced by an interview with magazine Rock Candy (text shared by BraveWords).

"It would be nice to go back out again with them, but it’s not my call," said Frehley, who clarified his relationship with both Stanley and Simmons. "I think we have a really good relationship now. I text Paul back and forth and we’ve worked together, as I have with Gene," he commented.

Frehley also suggested that, under the proper circumstances, a reunion is not out of the question. "I would seriously consider [playing with KISS], but the money would have to be right. I’m not gonna take Tommy Thayer’s salary. It would certainly sell more tickets with me involved. I have a gut feeling it will happen," the guitarist affirmed.

Admitting he maybe wasn't the ideal bandmate for the notoriously sober Stanley and Simmons, Frehley acknowledged, "I know that I put those guys through hell in the past. Sometimes I was too drunk at soundchecks," he said, noting things are different now by adding, "But sobriety has made me more dependable and reliable."

"It would be really exciting," the Spaceman said in summation, realizing, "Not just for me, but also for the fans." Amped for the opportunity, he exclaimed, "I’m ready. I feel reborn!"

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