Nothing is capable of making you suddenly aware of your mortality more than the moment you realize the music of your youth is now classic rock.

For those who grew up during the '90s -- back when voicemail was a phone message scribbled by your mom on a tattered piece of notebook paper -- the transition has been more subtle than in generations past. That's because, unlike the way it was with radio for decades, we gradually gained the ability to listen to whatever we chose whenever we wanted and could ignore whatever recent trends began taking hold. As a result, the '90s feel a lot more like yesterday than you might even be consciously aware of.

In that spirit, we decided to assemble this list of 15 albums you might be surprised will turn 20 this year -- check it out in the gallery above. And while they're still a year away from drinking legally, they've been able to vote, get married and buy cigarettes (not necessarily in that order) for two years now.

You Think You Know the Smashing Pumpkins?

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