Earlier this year, legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper turned 69 years old. With over 20 studio albums to his credit and a list of accomplishments few artists have matched, the singer has expressed no desire to slow down anytime soon. With the word "retirement" not even in his lexicon, Alice feels there's plenty left in the tank, especially since he's "at the top of [his] game" right now.

In an interview with Finland's Kaaos TV (video below), Alice spoke about adding songs from his forthcoming album, Paranormal, into the setlist while keeping the staples to appease fans around the globe, making new music solely for his fans rather than selling millions of copies and touched on the idea of retirement when asked if Paranormal will be his last album.

"Oh, no. I'm already writing songs for the Hollywood Vampires album. After that, it will be another Alice Cooper album. I don't ever consider retiring," the icon said. "Retirement doesn't seem to fit in," Alice continued, noting, "If I was getting onstage and I was tired and if I was kind of phoning it in and my band was kind of lazy, it would be different. But I've never had a band or a show as high-energy as this show. It actually keeps me very much in shape and keeps me feeling young, doing 130 shows a year."

"I would never even think of retiring," the singer reiterated. "Physically, if something happens where I can't play anymore or if something happens where I lose my edge, then I would think about it. Then I wouldn't be giving the audience everything I've got. Right now, I'm at the top of my game right now."

You can catch Alice Cooper on the road this summer (dates here) as direct support for the equally legendary Deep Purple. For a preview of Paranormal, check out the new song "Paranoiac Personality" and pre-order the album (out July 28 on earMUSIC) here.

Alice Cooper Interviewed by Kaaos TV

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