A new study by WalletHub came out which sought to rank the happiest cities in the U.S. While Amarillo did better than Lubbock, it's not really something to brag about.

Amarillo ranked 117th out of 182. Lubbock came in at 128th place.

The study was based on 30 different factors. They were things like depression rate, how much leisure time people have, and income-growth rate.

When it comes to emotional and physical well-being, we were ranked 150th. In the income and employment category we did much better, ranking 44th.

We ranked 55th in community and environment.

You wouldn't know it from a lot of the insanity you see tossed out on Facebook, but according to the numbers Amarillo is an alright place to be. We just don't go to the gym very often, even though it seems like we have a gym or yoga studio on every street corner.

The happiest place in Texas according to the study? Plano. Plano, Texas is the happiest place in the state. They came in overall at number 2. In fact, they were the only city in Texas to crack the top 10.

The next time you see a city from Texas in the rankings is Austin, at number 22.

It's interesting what happens when you break things down by the numbers.

For more on the study, and to see exactly how each category breaks down and what metrics were used, check out the WalletHub study by following this link.

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