Amarillo’s fleet of food trucks should be increasing soon.

While food trucks have grown in popularity in recent years, the environmental health codes in Amarillo regarding the regulations for restaurants and food establishments have not changed in over 15 years.  This has led to stunted growth of the food truck population in Randall and Potter counties.

In an example of listening to the community, Amarillo has revised some aspects of its health department codes.  It is hoped this will encourage growth in food trucks in Amarillo.

Notably the city is moving away from a demerit system that focuses on negatives found during inspections of restaurants and other food establishments.  The new ordinance is instead a point system that will accentuate the positives found during inspections.  Currently operating food trucks will be given a grace period of two years to update their facilities.

The ordinance changes were adopted unanimously by the Amarillo City Council during their regular weekly meeting on Tuesday.

What types of food trucks are you hoping to see new in Amarillo?  What areas would you like to see them serve?

34th & Coulter , anyone?

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