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One of the best bits of news we've gotten so far in 2021 is that the Amarillo area has fallen under the 15 percent hospitalization rate long enough to increase capacity at certain establishments in town.

Amarillo Parks and Recreation put out an update on how that will affect their operations around town. In case you missed the announcement, it affects everything from some public restrooms to golf.

On Friday, Amarillo Parks and Recreation put out a notice that reservations and rentals will be allowed at 50 percent. Golf amenities and the zoo will both be open 50 percent. Warford Pool will be open for general use with 50 percent capacity.

Courts will be open for use. Field rentals will be allowed. Administrative offices will be open.

All of this is great news. One thing that hasn't necessarily changed is that you will need an approval for special events "via Environmental Health."

I find news like this to be really encouraging.

No one is saying you need to abandon masks and that life is back to normal. Far from it. In fact the city has reminded everyone that the Governor's mask mandate is still in effect.

It's encouraging because it's progress. Last year we made headlines more than once over the spread of Covid in our area.

Hopefully news like this is a sign that if we keep doing what we're doing, we can get back to things being somewhat normal.

I'm looking forward to there being events to talk about. I'm looking forward to having more things to look forward to, period.

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