It's the most wonderful time of the year...Black Friday.

With a lot of the stores finally deciding that opening the doors on Thanksgiving is a bad look, the game has changed a bit.

For example, some (if not most) stores have opted to run their Black Friday deals ahead of time. This is good for you because you don't have to rush out to a store at midnight.

Some stores are still doing the classic crazy doorbuster deals. So what's the best plan of action here? Here's a little help in planning out your holiday shopping so you can maximize those deals and get more bang for your buck.

You can find these (and more) at

TARGET screenshot screenshot

Target is one of the first ads I look for when it comes to Black Friday shopping. The deals they throw out can be absolutely mind blowing, and this year is no different....except for that you can snag these deals RIGHT NOW.

Here's the best deals I saw for Target:

  • Element Ruoku UHD 65" 4K TV - $299.99. Regular price is $649.99 TV. This is one of the things you can order now.
  • KitchenAid 5-qt professional mixer - $219.99. My wife talks about how she wants one of these, but can't justify the cost. Well, looks like I may have to justify saving nearly 50% on this one. Up for grabs right now at only $219.99 (normally $429.99) may very well be something I just can't pass up...and maybe she'll want to bake some more goodies with it. screenshot screenshot

On to page two we find even more great deals.

Air fryers are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Truthfully, for how busy my family is with kids sports, I should buy it on principle. Checking in at just over 50% off at $99.99, you can snag a dual basket air fryer.

For the bigger kid in your family (someone like me), you can score some wireless Bose headphones for $179.99. They're normally $299.99, which is a killer savings on a Bose product that rarely ever go on sale.

WALMART screenshot screenshot

Moving on to the next big cost saving retailer, Walmart will not be outdone. These deals become available online November 22nd at 6pm CST and will also be available in store starting at 5am on Black Friday. If you're a WalmartPlus member, you can access the online deals 4 hours before the general public.

They also kick off their ad with a massive TV at a dirt cheap price.

  • onn 70" Class 4K Smart TV with Roku - $398. I'm a sucker for bigger and better when it comes to TV screen size, so this one has my attention. However, I don't know how much the wife wants to move our current 65" TV into the bedroom.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 - $109. This stands out to me because of the sheer savings. Always something on holiday lists, the Apple Watch Series 3 will be available at about $90 cheaper than you can find it typically. Seems like a good time to hop on one of these. screenshot screenshot

Moving on to page 4, we come across some deals for the gamer in your family.

A 27" gaming monitor can be had for only $188, and probably has better quality than your current TV with the way they make those things these days.

You can also save $150 on a gaming laptop and snag it for only $499. If I spoiled my kids like crazy, I know a certain 10 year old in my household that would want that. Maybe I get it and say your birthday and Christmas are covered.

You'll also find a nearly 50% off deal on a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and snag it for only $50. You aren't ever going to find a better deal on a quality speaker. I'm constantly listening to music everywhere I go. I think it's about time I invest in one of these.

Deeper into their ad, you'll find some incredible deals on popular kitchen appliances, toys and more electronics. I behoove you to dig further into that Walmart ad.

KOHL'S screenshot screenshot

Everyone needs clothes during the holidays right? I know one of the first places I think of is Kohl's. Sure, they've got plenty of great deals on that stuff (we'll get to that), but you may not realize they've got other items!

  • Amazon Fire HD 8 - $44.99 This will have you clawing your way in the door. Think about it, it's going to keep the kids endlessly busy and you're probably going to grab an extra just for you.
  • Fitbit watches at $119.99. You're gonna save yourself $50 a piece on one of the hottest items on the market. Seems to be solid to me. screenshot screenshot

While I was flipping through looking for the deals on clothes, there was a page that caught my eye. You'll find some amazing deals on pots & pans sets, as well as some dinner plate sets on page 16. The deals are already great, but now you get to take an extra 15% off the Black Friday prices!

You'll notice all the Food Network branded stuff is marked down 50% already, then you tack on an extra 15% off and you're getting a $179.99 10 piece pots & pans set at only $76.49!

Need some new dinnerware? How about grabbing a 16 piece set that normally would run you $109.99 for only $46.74! Yeah, guess you're gonna find me all over Kohl's this holiday season. screenshot screenshot

Ok, on to the clothing deals. The 2nd half of the ad is where you'll find those smoking deals. Brands like Nike, Adidas & Under Armour you'll find at anywhere from 20-25% off. However, it was page 37 that stopped me to really look.

With winter approaching, everyone seems to be looking to update their warm weather wardrobe. It was the big 60% off bubble that snagged my attention. Then I read a bit closer and realized you're getting ANOTHER 15% off on these deals. Think about it, that's essentially 75% off on those big jackets, mitts and gloves you need to keep the kids and yourself warm this winter.

There's over 50 pages to comb through in this massive Kohl's ad. Happy digging and shopping. screenshot screenshot


So I'm a little late to the part on The Home Depot Black Friday deals...maybe you are too. They've been rocking these since November 14th, but they run all the way through December 1st. Still plenty of time to take advantage.

You know what you're getting at The Home Depot. Power tools, home furnishings, lawn care, etc. Someone like me needs a lot of this stuff. I don't have a lot of tools and whatnot, so that Ryobi 6 piece power tool set for only $199 is calling my name. They've knocked off $100 on this package, and it's the perfect thing to grab for someone who doesn't use that stuff ALL the time.

Something small, but significant on the front page here is the poinsettia. A lot of people enjoy having these around at the holidays, and The Home Depot is blowing them out at a $1.98 per plant. Considering they're nearly $5 a piece normally, you're getting more than half off. Stock up! screenshot screenshot

Page 3 brings probably my favorite item I've seen for sale. Check out the bottom...the Traeger Wood Pellet grill. You're saving $100 on what a lot of people consider the best grill/smoker on the market. Mind you, Traeger stuff RARELY goes on sale, and you're saving $100 on not just this one, but several Traeger's. Don't wait, these will go FAST. Did I mention you get free delivery AND installation on it? screenshot screenshot

Page 11 of the ad brings in some MONSTER deals. Milwaukee are some of the best on the market, and they're blowing out power tools.

The top of the ad shows a couple of different sets they have at great prices. However, you'll notice if you buy a set, you can choose a select free power tool! Uhhhh, I'm in.

Look down a bit now, you'll see some more sets they've pieced together. The 5 tool set that includes drills, batteries and a circular saw for only $299 is flat out crazy to me. You'll see that if you pieced all that together at normal prices, you'd drop over $700 on everything. Forget it, I'm done. I don't know what I'll use all that for, but I'm buying it.

This is just a taste of some of the amazing Black Friday deals you'll find going on now and on Black Friday itself. Again, SO much more can be found at Happy shopping this holiday season!

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