A few days ago, before news even broke that Borat 2 was finished and coming to Amazon Prime Video later this fall, a new Twitter account appeared called “@KazakhstanGovt”. The first tweet was unassuming enough: “We commence here our official Twitter account of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Greetings to you all.”

A few days later, there’s no question who’s behind this thing: Sacha Baron Cohen, who’s using @KazakhstanGovt to hype up the release of Borat 2 and poke some fun at President Donald Trump in the process. Last night, for example, before the Presidential debate between Trump and Joe Biden took place, @KazakhstanGovt had already declared Trump the winner, posting a video in support of America’s “strping premier”:

Later, he also “fact-checked” the debate, insisting “Biden WRONG - face masks NOT effective against Covid19!” He then went on to describe the “only proven facial protection” against coronavirus, but it’s a joke I would probably get fired for reprinting here, so just go and click on the link to read it for yourself.

If you’d like to follow the real Kazakh government, they can be found at @Kazakh_Mission, where they do stuff like “reaffirm Kazakhstan's commitment to support the @UN Anti-Poverty South-South Cooperation Program.” So, yeah, a bit less funny than Cohen’s tweets. Hopefully his Kazakh Twitter account will keep on going right on through Election Day and the release of Borat 2 on Amazon.

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