The first day of school was hectic for some college students in Canyon.

It's common knowledge that the WT parking system isn't perfect. Many students complain about the lack of parking and cost of permits. Because of these issues, some students have resorted to parking in neighborhoods and at businesses closer to the campus, resulting in mass amounts of towed and ticketed cars.

The Canyon Police Department sent out the following message on Facebook on Monday, August 29th:

This means that students shouldn't try to park at the Pizza Hut, Donut Stop, Fat Boys, Chicken Express, or United. The student transit is a great option, but it's important to get there early enough to get to campus on time.

Another important point is that students should be cautious and conscientious of where they cross the road. The speed limit is only 30 mph through Canyon, but that doesn't make it any safer to get across the street where there isn't a crosswalk, especially if you're traveling at a slow pace.

For more information about WT parking regulations and permits, click here.