May 18, 2017, was a shocking day to rock fans around the globe when the news broke that Chris Cornell had died at 52 years old. The Soundgarden frontman took his own life after the band played a show in Detroit, Mich. There hasn't been another voice like his since.

Though primarily known for being one of the masterminds behind Soundgarden, Cornell also sang for Temple of the Dog and Audioslave, as well as carrying out a successful solo career. In sum, he released 14 albums over the span of his life, in addition to several one-off tracks he appeared on with other artists.

The 2015 documentary Soaked in Bleach about Nirvana's Kurt Cobain features a clip of a man saying, “If there was a John Lennon-figure for Generation X, it would be Kurt Cobain.” Watch the video above to hear why we think that figure was Chris Cornell, and why he was truly the quintessential frontman of the '90s.

Chris Cornell Albums Ranked

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