Did Rob Zombie have it wrong? Should he have strayed from the horror themes of Halloween and built his act around a more festive holiday? Psychostick are here to show you what that may have looked like with their "Dragula" parody video for "Zombie Claus."

"It's tradition, cheer and festivities," says an early voice over, as the clip is very much stylized like Zombie's original "Dragula" video, but instead of devil horned demons running against a backdrop, it's now green-suited elves getting some cardio.

Psychostick take their liberties, all in the name of making a serving up some holiday cheer, but there's still a little bit of Zombie creepiness in there, as they sing, "Watch the sugar plumbs / Dance inside your head / I may watch you sleep / As you lie in bed."

The clip owes plenty of nods to Zombie's original, complete with Santa zooming along in his souped up sled, much like the original video's "dragula" vehicle.

So give it up for the bearded "North Pole dictator, with elves for slave labor" as Psychostick get you in the holiday spirit in the video below. And if you want to add the song to your holiday playlists, pick it up here.

Psychostick, "Zombie Claus"

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