Former Korn skinsman David Silveria recently announced he had joined a new band, Core 10. Now fans can get a taste of what the group is all about with the raw rehearsal video for the new track "Act of Valor."

Core 10 immediately distance themselves from like-minded acts, utilizing two frontmen, Duncan Nisbett and Sean Lenhoff. The track opens with a piano melody and delicate guitar harmonics that meet an abrupt end when a wall of distortion comes in, with an extra boost from an "All right!" scream that gets the track going. Laying into a thick groove, the verse chugs along with power, dipping back into the lighter opening moments following the first verse.

"This video was recorded in one take and mixed down," explained Core 10. "The live video was edited from a few different cameras / angles. This recording is raw. No backing track, no CD to sing to. This is us, like it or not. Everyone says that you have one shot. Really? Will your own path, you can do this!!!"

Prior to the release of the song, the band explained the lyrical content behind "Act of Valor" on Facebook. "It's basically about two soldiers that lose their entire platoon by being ambushed. They begin to lose their will to fight, but then their thoughts return to family and home and they remember a line that all military is given: 'Anger is more useful than despair!' So they fight their way out. They are so happy to return home to their families. As it turns out, one of the soldiers' son is against what his father has done and the soldier is faced to deal with another fight on the home front," Core 10 detailed.  

The band reflected on the overall message, adding, "In life there's always a fight to deal with. It truly matters whether you have grace under pressure and how you adapt to these situations. Fight the good fight for what you feel is right and for what you love!!!"

Core 10's next show will be on April 1 at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, Calif., followed by an April 7 performance at the Viper Room in West Hollywood and another gig at The Slidebar in Fullerton, Calif. on May 6. For more information, visit the band's Facebook page.

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