1-800-Contacts became a globally-known business thanks to a commercial featuring an over-dramatic actor who found it astonishing that his lenses could be delivered by such a company. The catch-phrase "My brand!" was repeated by nearly everyone at least once after the ad hit the airwaves. It turns out that was just the beginning: the commercial sensation has taken a bizarre new futuristic approach.

Gamers, anime lovers, and those suffering from fuzzy vision must be getting a true kick out of this video by YouTube user MegaGFilms, which features the sci-fi video game star Commander Shepard in a hilarious parody of the original ad.

After only two days, it holds nearly 260,000 views on YouTube. It's unclear whether most of those viewers are in it for the lulz or for the 'Mass Effect' video game references. Maybe people just really need contact lenses? It's too early for an official ruling. But here's our question... what kind of "special" contact lenses go inside that gargantuan box?

For those who missed it the first time around, below is the original commercial.

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