Last year, one of America's biggest a-holes ruined Christmas for a bunch of kids in line to see Santa at a mall in Amarillo. That same jerk did the same thing this year in Alaska.

David Grisham is a piece of crap. Clearly, he didn't get enough hugs from mommy as a child, and now he has to force his miserable existence onto others - namely, random kids who are just in line to see Santa Claus for Christmas.

This troll's goal is to tell kids that Santa isn't real, your parents have been lying to you, the reindeer don't exist, and that's just a guy in a costume because Santa isn't real. And he thinks this will turn kids to Jesus?

Watch this scumbag try to ruin Christmas for little kids...again:

There's nothing else I can say here that I'm sure you're not already thinking. So I'll just say that he's moved to Alaska since he pulled this crap in Texas. I'm hoping he was run out of our state, and will soon be run out of our country completely.

I did notice when I Googled him that he was fired from his job at Pantex in Amarillo, which might be why he lives in Alaska now. And his "church" group, Repent Amarillo, was labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, too. Good. This guy deserves to be an outcast who has no home or friends.

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