Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach exchanged messages of love and appreciation for each other after a fan begged them not to make 2020 worse by falling out.

The pair were engaged in a disagreement over the “heavy metal” label. Snider agreed with the suggestion that it was originally a derogatory term, and Bach argued the opposing case.

“Grunge, Metal, Hair – all derogatory terms given to describe music forms by critics as a put down,” Snider wrote. “And the bands HATED them. The bands inspired by those bands embraced the labels.”

Bach responded: “If the word ‘metal’ is a derogatory term, there would not be a band called Metallica and you would not have an album called For the Love of Metal. [P]lease stop with the non-stop hair tweets. We are begging of you.”

When Snider responded by telling Bach he was “wrong” although it was “understandable,” some followers began expecting a war of words to break out. Tweeter M_Elenore said: “Please don’t fight. This year is dark enough.”

Reassurances followed from both singers. “I love Sebastian Bach!” Snider responded. “During the darkest period of my career, he stood tall as a Dee Snider fan when few would. I will always be grateful to him for not caring what was ‘cool’ at the moment and speaking our proudly for the things he loved. Thank you SMF#2!”

Bach replied: “I love Dee Snider. I will always love the music he has made. No matter how much Dee sees himself as ‘hair metal,’ I will always see him on a much higher level than that implies. He is one of the greatest frontmen and vocalists of all time. Any corny label less than that is an insult.”

Snider and Bach have agreed and disagreed on Twitter in the past. In July, the pair found themselves at odds over how vocal they should be about 2020's presidential election. In September, they supported each others’ criticism of Donald Trump’s infamous “grab them by the pussy” comments.

They’ve also displayed support for each other musically: Snider appeared during Bach’s set at 2012's Sweden Rock Festival, and they duetted on Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Going to Take It” at a children’s charity event in Las Vegas four years later.

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