It's nice sometimes to have as many conveniences as we do these days. I mean, it used to be that the only thing we could get delivered was a pizza.

Now we can pretty much get anything delivered. And I mean anything. Since I started doing deliveries for DoorDash and Uber I have discovered that to be absolute truth. I guess we can thank the pandemic for that.

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Alcohol? Delivered. Prescription to pick up, but too sick to leave home? Don't fret, delivery. Convenience is a nice thing to have. But.....nothing in life is perfect.

I was getting ready to start delivering for the evening when I saw a post on social media that made me stop. It was about a recent arrest. Oh! and it involved a DoorDasher in Amarillo. How could I not take notice?

The story I gathered from the post is that a DoorDash driver arrived at Wing Stop on 45th ready to pick up an order. The order was not ready. As such, she was apparently not happy about that. Then the fists started flying. Luckily, the Amarillo Police were already on the way.

According to Amarillo Police:

When officers arrived, they assisted the deputy in getting the suspect, Whitney Paige Moffett, female, age 33 into custody. Officers learned that Ms. Moffett works as a delivery driver for Door Dash and became upset when her order wasn’t ready when she arrived. Ms. Moffett entered the kitchen area and when asked to leave, she physically attacked the store manager. He tried to escort her out of the store, and she continued to fight and attack him, resulting in the off-duty deputy seeing the altercation and taking action. Ms. Moffett was arrested and booked into the Randall County Detention Center for Assault Causing Bodily Injury and Resisting Arrest. This incident is being investigated by the APD Violent Crimes Unit.

I get being upset that your order is not ready. I mean that does cut into your time you have to make money. This is a lot overboard. Just following and reading the comments on the posts I saw were interesting.

Randall County
Randall County

People applauding her for caring enough about her customers. I don't think that is it. I don't know what made her freak out like that. Amarillo Police will straighten that out. I will say that driving for DoorDash should be enjoyable. If it is not then don't do it.

I understand being mad if you don't get a tip. I understand being mad if your food is not ready when you expect it for pickup. I do not understand causing an altercation at a restaurant because of any of this. I promise you will never see me arrested because I got this angry.

So sorry that I guess I don't have this much concern for my customers. Yes, you will get your food in a timely manner. I will not attack someone and get arrested to make it happen. I just won't.

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