Legendary Descendents vocalist Milo Aukerman has released a new EP of political punk songs right in time for the 2020 election. The Descendents singer and Doctor of Biology plays all three songs on ukulele with almost no instrumental accompaniment.

These three fresh cuts from Aukerman were originally meant for an upcoming Descendents album, but with the political nature of the tracks, Milo decided they needed to be released before the election.

“I’ve spent most of my punk rock life avoiding the temptation to write political songs; it always seemed like politics is the obvious go-to subject of punk and thus not of interest to me,” explains Aukerman. “Unfortunately, after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election I find myself virtually unable to write songs about anything else.”

“If you believe, like me, that 45 is not a LP, we ALL need to VOTE to make that a reality. Only then can we hope to see a return to sanity, a turning of the page. These songs are my personal attempts to turn the page on our national nightmare…if only I could will it through music.”

Aukerman utilized an army of different ukuleles for the EP, including a six-string guitarlele, a soprano uke, an electric uke and a bass uke.

Fans can stream the full EP below. To grab a copy of Aukerman’s new EP, click here, and make sure you’re registered to vote here.

RebUke - 45...not a LP


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