When we moved here to Amarillo, we were expecting to see some familiar things around town.

You know, things like McDonald's, Walgreens, 7-11...

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Wait, what do you mean there's no 7-11 here? There are 7-11's EVERYWHERE! Surely there's one or two somewhere in the city right?

Negative, 7-11 is not found anywhere in Amarillo. Ok, this is a problem. What am I supposed to do with all these rewards points on my app? Where am I going to get a Slurpee when the craving hits?

I started to do some research on the reason I couldn't find one. I've heard all the answers, from TnT and Pak-A-Sak ran them out of town all the way down to the people of Amarillo refused to go in the stores.

At the time, I knew nothing about Toot'n Totum or Pak-A-Sak. The love affair for them and Amarillo is beyond strong, so as I've been here for awhile I can understand how it's tough for another convenience chain to break into the city.

But it wasn't until recently that I came upon an answer on Reddit explaining why 7-11 isn't in the city that blew me away.

attachment-711 Closing

Ohhhh, I see. Now, can I confirm that's the reason 7-11 shut down in Amarillo? No, I can't. However, if that's the case, I can see people not going into the stores because they'd be on display for others to see.

What I don't understand though is if TnT really DID start selling them the second 7-11 exited the city, why didn't people stop going in there?

Look, I'm not really sure what the real reason for 7-11 going away is. I can however say that I wouldn't mind having a Slurpee on 7/11 each year for free. I'd also love to have my rewards program back. Any chance 7-11 could ever exist in the city?

The Abandoned Herring Hotel in Amarillo, Texas

You may have passed it a million times while driving downtown, or you may be new to town. Either way, chances are you've seen the beautiful Herring Hotel. The beautiful aging brick tower sits unoccupied on 3rd and Pearce streets. It's a grand building that stands as a reminder of Amarillo's early days as a cattle and oil town and it tells the stories well.

If you've ever wondered what's inside this towering building, just take a peek below.

Ranchotel: The Forgotten Landmark of Old Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas

The Ranchotel, located at 2501 W. 6th St., is a product of Route 66's heyday.

When Americans first began long-distance automotive travel, they typically stayed in hotels or camped beside the road. In response, clever entrepreneurs began to build what were called tourist courts. The Ranchotel is one of these.

It was built in 1940 and until recently, it was considered one of the best preserved examples of Route 66's tourist facilities. It was placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1995 and was well maintained until 2020.

Even now, in spite of the building's fading beauty, there is still the nostalgic air held by many a historic landmark.

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