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Halloween season is here. You see the decorations and the pumpkins all over neighborhoods around San Angelo and the Concho Valley. And of course, there are lots of pumpkins on the porches of homes too.

I see a lot of carved pumpkins, but at the same time, I also see a lot of pumpkins that are painted. Do I have to ask why would you want to paint a pumpkin? Halloween pumpkins are meant to be carved!

I remember as a kid every October, our family would go to the local pumpkin patch to go find our Halloween pumpkins (although families now are doing this in September, which is too early if you ask me but that is probably a blog for another day). When we got them home, we would cut a hole in the top and remove all the pumpkin seeds. Later, we would bake the seeds in the oven and eat them.

After we hollowed out our pumpkins, we'd carve them up with Halloween pumpkin faces. And to finish it all off, we'd place candles inside the pumpkins to give them that flickering Halloween glow.

For me, I wasn't the best artist, so Mom had to help me with my pumpkin. My younger siblings also had better carving skills than me, but with Mom's help, we had three presentable pumpkins to put by the front door at Halloween.

Now I ask you, why would you skip all that fun and just paint your Halloween pumpkin? We never did this when we were kids. Not to take away from people who are good painters, but it seems lazy to me. And you don't even get to eat the pumpkin seeds!

So, we'd like to know which side of the debate you fall on this Halloween issue. Are you a carver? Or are you a painter? Tell us what you think on Facebook or on our station app.

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