Today we were all a little shocked when a cake was delivered. There was no information regarding who from, or why. When we asked who sent it, all we were told is that it was sent to us by an anonymous person.

We promptly locked it away in an empty office until we could get some answers.

On the cake was a website,, so we started looking there for answers. Still no clue who sent the cake.

The website though, is very interesting. As we hit the final stretch of 2019, this website (and whoever owns it) is wanting to display what it is that makes Amarillo a wonderful place.

On the website, you can leave your reasons why you love living in Amarillo. This got me to thinking about what I love about our city.

For me, it's the people. We are a very diverse, interesting, wacky group. We shouldn't let politicians, pessimists, or onlookers tell us we're anything less. We're incredible.

Everyone in Amarillo has a story. Not all of us are willing to admit it, but it's true. Some are funny, and some are heartbreaking. Some are new, and some come stitched with panhandle history. Each one, though, is part of what makes Amarillo great.

As for whoever sent the cake, thanks. It was great, and you show class and taste by sending Belmar our way.

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