Former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy has formed a new band called Dream Child that has a debut album on the way soon. But you can watch "Under the Wire," a new video from Until Death Do We Meet Again, now.

The video is an exclusive premiere of a song that will be included on the LP, which comes out on Sept. 14.

The project came about when Goldy was talking with Frontiers Music president Serafino Perugino about how there are no new bands like Deep Purple and Rainbow any more. To fix that problem, they recruited former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright, Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo, Michael Schenker Group keyboardist Wayne Findlay and Helker singer Diego Valdez for a new supergroup.

You can watch "Under the Wire" below.

Even though Goldy and Valdez, who hails from Argentina, had communicated for seven years, they didn't meet in person until Dream Child came together. They soon became close friends during the recording sessions for the album. “'Under the Wire' is quite an in-your-face sort of song," Goldy tells UCR.

"But [it] still has some unexpected elements. It was written by Chas West and myself. It’s basically about people who are driven by their passion. Some are too oblivious to the fact that their drive far surpasses their abilities, while others need to hold on until opportunity knocks. Some will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want, while others refuse to reach the 'promised land on the backs of slaves!' In any case, change will come, and turn the tide and eventually everyone -- if they don’t mind paying their dues, working hard and sometimes feel like they’ve been thrown in the fire -- they all will reach their intended destiny. But it still feels like a race against time!"

Goldy says the video "has a bit of a sense of humor with these topics." "Jamie Brown, the director/videographer, brought a lot of creativity to this video shoot," he notes. "He is extremely gifted and talented. There was a spirit of camaraderie, fun and friendship."

You can pre-order Until Death Do We Meet Again here.

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