Before their recent concert in Houston, a member of KISS was sworn in by the Wharton Police Department. Eric Singer is now an honorary Corporal with the Wharton PD.

According to a press release on the WPD Facebook page, the ceremony was held " grateful acknowledgement of the honor and respect you show all of America’s dedicated law enforcement heroes and their families."

You can find the Facebook post below.

I've had a lot of fun imagining what I would do if Corporal Catman showed up at my door. Would he have standard issue gear, or would it all be KISS branded (as I'm pretty sure it would be).

Then I began wondering which classic rockers I would like to see Amarillo make honorary officers. Angus Young? Alice Cooper? Dee Snider? David Lee Roth? Ozzy? Lonesome George Thorogood?

My top pick is Angus, but I doubt he could get away with the shorts. I doubt they're up to the standards of the APD.

Here is the press release from Wharton Police Department:

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