You can bet this professor is a student favorite.

We don't know the backstory here, but it's not hard to put two and two together. An inebriated student penned an email to his professor asking for an extension on a paper.

Let's hope it wasn't an English paper because the grammar was all over the map the way this student's chunks were soon to be all over the floor.

We would normally shake our head at the ballsy stupidity of the student, but, hey, he got away with it. The amazing thing is it's a kindergarten teacher (we're kidding). The amazing thing, really, is the teacher, this Mr. Martin, is completely cool with his pupil's excuse.

What happened to school being a place to teaching tomorrow's leaders the values of responsibility and hard work? These darned Millennials are getting away with more and more -- witness the student with the broken heart -- which makes us wonder if the president of our fine country in some three decades is going to cancel a conference call with other world leaders because his feelings are still too hurt that Congress rejected his budget proposal.

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