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You know how they say you learn something new everyday? Today I learned that along with 'No Shave November" and "Sober October," there is a thing called "Dry January."

The idea is that you start the new year dry. That's dry as in no alcohol. January is spent sober as a way to reset and recover from the previous year.

In a study done by rehabs.com, about half of Texans surveyed said they weren't going to participate this year.

It's understandable. 2020 is the nightmare that just won't end. This year has felt like one of those dreams where you wake up just to find out that you're still dreaming the same dream and can't escape.

In my own life, my wife and I have had to deal with losing several friends and loved ones this year. Finances have been extremely tight at times. If it could go wrong in 2020, it seemed like it did, and still is. Our stress levels have found new peaks.

We're not alone, apparently. In the study that was done, 43% of Texans say they're not giving up their favorite libations at the start of the year.

I'm not advocating for drinking your worries away. I'm pretty strict on myself when it comes to just how much Jack goes in my coke, or just how long Miller time lasts. Once in a while, I enjoy having a drink to take the edge off of a bad day.

Dry January is a good time, if you're wanting to stop drinking, to get a head start on the year. We're all aware of the many negative effects alcohol can have on you if you don't keep it in check.

For more information on the study and the group that put it together, follow this link.

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