Eminem recently stopped by Sirius XM's Shade 45 for its special Hannukah Radio episode. During the show, Em jokes about a new single and gives a hilarious preview.

"I'm working on my new single, too," Em says at around the 10:20-mark. "Yeah, it's coming out soon. You want the hook to it? I can give you a taste of the hook. 'Tell me what time, what time what time/What time you suckin' it? What time you suckin' it?'"

In classic Em fashion, the Detroit MC goes on to hilariously poke fun at his co-hosts, Paul Rosenberg and DJ Whoo Kid. "That's the rough idea of it. You like it? 'Cuz Whoo Kid, it's actually to you," he says. "It's super flattering, and it's cool. I actually wrote it for Paul, but... I feel like it's probably gonna be a pretty big record."

Throughout the 13-minute interview, Eminem, Rosenberg and Whoo Kid also discuss other topics, including the NFL. Em gives props to the NFC East-leading Dallas Cowboys and talks about his beloved Detroit Lions, who he thinks can bounce back and make the playoffs despite a difficult last couple games on the schedule.

Additionally, Em goes in-depth about his crazy cassette collection, which consists of a bunch of classic records dating way back. At the beginning of the show, Rosenberg doles out Hannukah-related nicknames to both Em (Matzah Mathers) and Whoo Kid (DJ Jew Kid). You can listen above courtesy of Shade 45 and YouTube.

In other Eminem-related news, the legendary rapper recently paid tribute to one of his favorite artists, Masta Ace, by spitting one of his verses as a birthday present.

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