Do you like music? How about romance? What about both of those amidst gorgeous sceneries? Then La La Land will probably be your most anticipated movie of the year. If not, just watch the new teaser trailer for an express ticket to swoon city.

The first and fantastic trailer for Damien Chazelle‘s romance musical was scored to a love song by Ryan Gosling. In the new teaser trailer, it’s all about Emma Stone’s character singing about falling in love. Scored to the song “Audition,” the teaser finds Stone’s Mia heading to an audition with a coffee-stained shirt, twirling in the streets, swooning over Gosling’s Sebastian and floating across the Griffith Observatory Planetarium. “Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem,” she sings in the trailer full of sceneries bursting with color, kissing, dancing, and some tears. Can this movie enter my eye balls any sooner?

The film follows an aspiring actress, Stone’s Mia, and a jazz musician, Gosling’s Sebastian, struggling to make ends meet in Los Angeles. The official synopsis describes it as a story about the “joy and pains of pursuing your dreams,” and anyone who’s seen Chazelle’s Whiplash knows he has quite a knack for doing just that. If you trust any filmmaker with capturing the dreams and agony of a life in the performing arts, it’s this guy.

The film also stars John Legend, who’s seen briefly in the new teaser, Rosemary DeWitte, and Finn Wittrock. La La Land premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival next month and hits theaters December 2. Check out the new vinyl-inspired poster for the film below.


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