One of the ways I spend my holiday season is with Netflix. With no one to spend much of the holidays with, I find myself looking for shows to binge. Happy! managed to put a yuletide smile on my face this year.

Happy! revolves around a degenerate ex-cop, Nick Sax, played by Christopher Meloni. Sax finds himself with little to no reason for living. He's crude, rude, and vile.

Along the way he becomes partners with his estranged daughter's imaginary friend, a blue flying unicorn named Happy, voiced by Patton Oswalt.

Happy, the unicorn, needs Nick to come rescue the little girl from her kidnapper. Her kidnapper just so happens to be a psychotic meth-addled version of Santa Claus.

The show is based on the comic mini-series of the same name, and some members of the team from the film Crank are part of the production team. There is a lot of absolutely insane and brutal action sequences, crazy camera angles, and enough one-liners to make any action movie fan giddy.

It's not all gratuitous violence and obscenity, though. There is a heart warming tale buried beneath as a man comes back from the edge of self destruction in the search for his daughter.

This is definitely not a Christmas romp to include the kids on. There is some pretty graphic content involved.

But if you want some dark laughs, crazy action shots, and a blue unicorn high on cocaine this holiday season, be sure to binge this one on Netflix.

It made me feel a little better about the holiday season, and left me with a disturbed grin on my face.

Once you've watched this first Christmas themed season, get ready for season 2. It will revolve around Easter.

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