Guns N’ Roses performed their 1991 funk-rock song “Locomotive (Complicity)” for the first time in 27 years during their concert in Wichita, Kan., last night.

The song – one of the band's longest at nearly nine minutes – appeared on Use Your Illusion II in 1991, though it was written by Axl Rose and Slash during the sessions for 1987's Appetite for Destruction.

The group last played the song live on Feb. 20, 1992, in Tokyo.

You can watch the new performance below.

Even though last night marked the first full performance of "Locomotive" in decades, Slash was heard playing parts of it at a soundcheck in July before GNR's first concert of the year at the Hollywood Palladium. Fans reported the track appeared on their alternate set list, but it wasn’t part of the show.

Two months after the Tokyo performance in 1992, Rose responded to the suggestion that “Locomotive” was one of a number of songs that included misogynistic views. He argued that the words were written before he made an effort to resolve some issues from his past.

“That’s wrong,” he told Rolling Stone. “I can understand that, ’cause the records just came out. … I’ve been doing a lot of work and found out I’ve had a lot of hatred for women. Basically, I’ve been rejected by my mother since I was a baby. She’s picked my stepfather over me ever since he was around and watched me get beaten by him. … My grandmother had a problem with men.

“I’ve gone back and done the work and found out I overheard my grandma going off on men when I was four. And I’ve had problems with my own masculinity because of that. I was pissed off at my grandmother for her problem with men and how it made me feel about being a man. So I wrote about my feelings in the songs.”


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