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The kids are about to be on a long break for the holidays. I need to come up with something to keep them preoccupied in the car and just before bedtime.

I'm going to give the Hank the Cowdog podcast a try.

The podcast follows Hank the Cowdog on his misadventures, and is narrated by none other than Matthew McConaughey. Honestly, if Hank has ever been a part of your life you'll love this.

I'm thinking I'll start an episode right at bedtime. We've used story apps in the past to help the kids go to sleep. Now they get to fall asleep with Matthew McConaughey reading them a bedtime story.

Technology is amazing.

There are five episodes, and they run at about 20 minutes a piece. Just long enough for the little ones to go to sleep.

While I am personally excited about reliving a piece of my younger years with the podcast, I am more than just a little bummed. I have one really big complaint, and it isn't anything massive.

The five episodes are part of one story, "Lost In The Dark Unchanted Forest." It would be nice for there to be more episodes, or separate stories instead of five parts to one story.

Still, I'm glad for what we've got. There could be no Hank the Cowdog podcast at all.

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