Comedians have been what keeps me grounded during the pandemic. Comedy and the Blues have a lot in common. They both look at how bad things are, and shrug it off. As Muddy Waters once put it, "Everything gonna be alright."

Here is a quick list of my some of my favorite comics from Texas. That also includes comics who got their big start in Texas. Also, it shouldn't have to be pointed out, but in case you are unaware, some of these videos contain NSFW language. Enjoy.

Ron White

Yeah, we all know "Tater Salad," but his comedy goes far beyond the most iconic bit from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. His straight up, no frills way of speaking about the world around him is hilarious.

Bill Hicks

One of my all time favorite comics, Bill Hicks at times is an attack dog. He can be brutal, and at times he can be soft spoken and reflective. Either way, he's going to get you to laugh.

Sam Kinison

Of course Sam is on this list. Brash, loud, offensive, and in your face; Kinison pushed boundaries. Listen to anyone talk about Sam that knew him, and they will talk about how brilliant he was.

Steve Martin

Before all of the movies, Steve was a stand-up. It was wacky, weird, odd, and not nearly as brutal as Hicks, White, or Kinison. That doesn't mean it wasn't funny. Especially when he pulls out the banjo.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of comics from Texas. Also, there are a lot of very talented up and comers living in Texas right now waiting for this pandemic to end so they can go out and try to make us laugh again. Next time you see there's going to be a comedy show in town, be sure to go show some support.

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