News broke today that Metallica would be recording a new concert to be played on drive-in screens across the nation. With several drive-ins in the area, I decided to see where all we could see the big event.

Unfortunately, Amarillo doesn't pop up on the list of places where the concert will be played. It's a shame, but it doesn't mean we're without options.

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If you're feeling like a small road trip is just the thing you need right now, there are a couple of places you can find the concert. They happen to be relatively close.

First, you can watch the Metallica concert event in Lubbock. According to the Ticketmaster page for the concert, the Lubbock showing will happen at Stars and Stripes Drive-In. Showtime in Lubbock is 8:35 PM.

The second place, which was all over the news and social media earlier today, is Clarendon. Sandell Drive-In will have the Metallica concert with an 8:30 PM showtime.

You can see the entire list of Texas drive-ins that are showing the concert by following this link.

This isn't something unique to just Metallica, or music. Drive-in theaters are seeing a massive surge in popularity as entertainers of all kinds flock to them in order to get in front of a crowd.

Several stand-up comedians have taken to using drive-ins for their shows. I have also seen advertisements for some stage productions that are being performed at drive-ins.

It's interesting, because not too long ago the drive-in was viewed as a relic of another time. That's all changed in 2020.

As my favorite Texan, Joe Bob Briggs, likes to say; "The drive-in will never die."

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