This potato cost a lot of cheese.

Someone coughed up more than one million Euros (about $1.1 million) for a picture of a potato, proving that while some people out there have disposable income, some have a lot more than others.

An unidentified European businessman is the proud new owner of the photograph, which was actually taken in 2010. The picture was taken by famed photographer Kevin Abosch and sold at an auction last year.

It's believed the picture will go down as the 15th-most expensive photograph ever sold.

There are two other copies in existence.

Abosch, whose photos can command up to half a million dollars, has taken shots of non-potato subjects that you may have heard of, including Yoko Ono, Steven Spielberg and Sheryl Sandberg. He routinely sells pieces in the luxurious $280,000 range and claims this is the most expensive one he's ever sold.

For a potato.

Yeah, let that sink in, like warm butter on a baked potato.

If you're still not sure if this is an excessive amount, go to Wendy's and get one with broccoli and cheese. We promise it will be well short of a million bucks and it has two toppings.

As you may have suspected, news of the $1 million potato photo caught the attention of exasperated people on Twitter:

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