Sharon Osbourne is one of metal's most polarizing figures. Her business practices, which are notoriously ruthless, have been questioned over the decades, but nobody will doubt that without her managerial prowess, Ozzy Osbourne may have never survived the '80s, much less have a wildly successful solo career after being sacked from Black Sabbath in 1979.

Sharon's intertwined role in the singer's life as both his wife and manager has kept him on the path to sustained success, but do you really know exactly how this all shook out?

In this video, we explore just how Sharon managed to keep Ozzy in the limelight, even during metal's darkest period concerning mainstream relevance. She's been at the forefront of innovation like a chess master analyzing hundreds of potential moves that lie in wait before executing calculated decisions.

We're not going to divulge everything here — that's what the video is for. So hit play on the video above to learn more.

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