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Searching for Amarillo on YouTube is a fun little hobby I have. Once in a while you'll strike gold and find something really interesting. Sometimes, like today, you find things that make you wish you had never started looking.

I was originally searching for old news stories from Halloween. I was hoping for some archival footage from the age of the Satanic Panic. Unfortunately, I found a groundhog chasing his shadow.

Or, should I say, a guy in a groundhog suit chasing a guy in another groundhog suit pretending to be his shadow.

The video is odd. It's a part of an odd series revolving around Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow having some kind of adventure. At one point, they apparently wind up in Amarillo.

What facet of life in Amarillo did these crazy groundhogs decide to highlight?


They use helium to carry them to Kansas, because that's a reasonable thing for a groundhog and his shadow to do. Everyone knows that a groundhogs preferred method of travel is by helium inflated party balloons, and that they love to vacation in the middle-of-nowhere, Kansas.

I'm not being fair, and I'm being needlessly snarky. The video was made 13 years ago, around the dawn of YouTube. It wasn't exactly a place known for the "high caliber" entertainment, not like it is today with those mindless jerks screaming nonsense into their microphones while they play Minecraft leaving me to explain to my six year-old that people don't really act like that.

I don't know what happened to those wayward groundhogs, or wayward groundhog and his shadow. I suppose, if you're morbidly curious, you could go see what else is on the channel.

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