That picture is how I had to drive in order to get my car to a dealership to fix parts that had been recalled. Pay attention to vehicle recalls. My back passenger door wouldn't latch shut.

So I had to tie it closed with an extension chord.

I'm pretty sure my car is trying to kill me. Either that, or it's like a distracted driver. It's not meaning to kill me; it just happened.

If you find out that your vehicle has a recall issued for a part, no matter what that part is, you should definitely take it in and have it fixed. Some issues are more pressing than others, but you never know what might happen.

I woke up one morning, put my daughter in her car seat, and went to shut her door. The door bounced back at me. I freaked out thinking that I just caught her leg in the door.

I checked, and she was fine. So I went to shut the door again, and the same thing happened. Come to find out, my car had a recall issued on the parts used to make the door latch.

I got lucky and the part failed while I was in park. I can't imagine imagine what would have happened if the part failed while I was going down the road.

Big thanks to the crew at Gene Messer for getting my car in and out fast.

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