I typed today's date, minus the year, into the search bar on YouTube and it should be no surprise that this time of year is all about storms. I found videos of severe storms in our area going all the way back to 1990.

This one is a blast from the past, so to speak. This news footage from 1990 follows a tornadic supercell in the Texas panhandle.

Tornadoes abound in this video shot in 2010. It's always interesting to hear storm chasers say things like "that's looking very nice" when watching a rotation.

2012 was the year the Mayans stopped making calendars on. It was also a pretty active season. I was in living in Oklahoma at the time, and it seemed like our sirens were always sounding off.

Proving that flooding has been an issue in Amarillo for a long time, this video from 2014 shows the roads flooding during a storm.

With everything that's already going on in the world today, we're also getting into storm season. Be sure to have a plan in place should you need one during severe weather.

Know where you're going to take shelter. Pay attention to all emergency alerts and information. It also is a great idea to make sure your phone is set up to pass along those alerts to you. Some built in apps will alert you to weather events in your area by default. There are also several other great weather apps that will keep you informed as well.

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