Recently, a news story came out about a couple of guys who plead guilty to stealing Native American artifacts off of federal land. Here's a tip; if you're going to collect artifacts around Amarillo, you need to be more like Phil Collins.

Phil is back in the news over his collection of artifacts from the Alamo. He's quite the collector; or at least he was.

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The collection of artifacts he donated to the state of Texas finally went on display at the Alamo. The collection will be on display for a limited time.

News reports don't list exactly how Phil amassed his collection of around 200 pieces of Alamo antiquity. I'd bet my last dollar a lot of it came through auctions and things like that.

I seriously doubt he pretended to be a low budget Indiana Jones, sneaking around with a fedora and satchel stealing cannons.

It is a funny mental image, though. The more I imagine it, the funnier it gets.

When it comes to the two thieves, news reports say agents found around 1,500 artifacts that are believed to have been illegally excavated.

The theft happened at the Cross Bar Management Area, according to the news story.

I get collecting. I understand that some people have an intense love and admiration for history. There are those among us who took Bob Marley's words to heart when he said, "In this bright future you can't forget your past."

That doesn't mean you need to illegally obtain artifacts from federal land, and then try to sell the aforementioned illegally obtained artifacts. Be more like Phil. Spend a ton of money, if that's what it takes, and then donate it.

You'll get your picture in the paper, and it won't be a bad thing.

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