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Last year seemed like one of the longest years of our lives. Looking back, though, there's a lot that seems like a blur. Somehow I never made time to cut my hair.

Part of it was due to the shutdowns early in 2020. Then, once things started opening back up, I had a hard time getting an appointment.

A lot has been discussed over the past year in regards to self care. With the stress and turmoil of the last year there has been a barrage of articles written on finding hobbies, meditating, reading, and a million other things you can do to keep yourself somewhat sane.

I decided to finally get my haircut. You can't feel like a million bucks if you don't look the part.

I also decided to try somewhere, and something, new. It is widely believed that by doing one new thing a day you can keep your mind fresh and it will do your overall mood a world of good.

I have to hand it to the fellas over at Major League Barbershop on Coulter. They did a really good job.

I wanted to keep some of the curl (I'm told curls are really in right now), but wanted it cut clean and short. Then when I got nervous over the end result, the guys showed me what I needed to do to style it.

I haven't felt this good about myself in a long time.

The little things are important, and with everything most of us have struggled through in 2020 it's easy to see how those little things can slip through the cracks.

Take some time for yourself. Shave. Get a trim. It'll make you feel good.

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