"Dad at music festival" just doesn't sound right, does it? It's like peanut butter and cauliflower. Or Jones & Wesson. Or Batman and Kevin.

That's why this is so darned funny. The pairing of a guy pretending to be a nerdy, concerned and wholesome dad at a music festival where the people in attendance tend not to shower, wear tie-dye shirts and sport dreadlocks in a sad attempt to honor Bob Marley and eat hemp for sustenance is brilliant.

And it delivers. This guy stops random people, talking to them like he's their father and ordering them to wear shoes, stop smoking, put on a collared shirt and wear sunblock. He's the dorky dad from every sitcom movie and TV show you've ever watched. He's got the role down pat as he presents a brief interruption to these youngsters on their way to hear music so underground that Hades has to ask them to turn it down.

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