What if Iron Maiden had recorded Metallica's game-changing hit, "Enter Sandman?" Well, for one, it would have a lot more melody based on this new video by YouTuber Börje Unchained!, who re-wrote the iconic song in the style of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal masters.

You may remember this YouTuber from his Slipknot version of "Enter Sandman" back from 2019 and it appears the demands for more interpretations of the Black Album classic have remained high.

In the video below, the Finnish YouTuber plays all of the instruments, strapping a paper cutout of each Iron Maiden member's face over his own, giving clear indication of whose parts he's playing.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Robin Roy joined in on the mayhem, doing a mighty fine impersonation of Bruce Dickinson. He's got the nasal-toned vocal character synonymous with Maiden's 'Air Raid Siren' as well as that familiar snarl and recognizable inflections.

As for the music itself, it's rife with harmonized guitar melodies, rhythmic gallops and tumbling fills reminiscent of the hyperactive Nicko McBrain. A fair deal of this isn't easily identifiable as "Enter Sandman," but the burly chorus riff remains largely intact for maximum impact.

Watch the Iron Maiden rendition of "Enter Sandman" below and follow Börje Unchained! on YouTube here.

If you need more "Enter Sandman" makeovers, don't sleep on YouTuber Denis Pauna's take on Rammstein playing the legendary metal anthem. And if you need to hear a singer who is practically a clone of Bruce Dickinson, Icon of Sin is the band you want. Looking for the best covers of "Enter Sandman" ever? We have you covered there too.

If Iron Maiden Recorded Metallica's "Enter Sandman"

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