Fall is in the air, as they say. Leaves will change. Temperatures will drop. You will also be encouraged to get a flu shot.

I was shocked the other day when I was told a friend of one my children had the flu. It seemed so early in the year. Truth is, it's already making the rounds.

In a recent report, a case was cited in California where a child has already died of the flu this year. And the season hasn't even officially started.

The CDC is encouraging everyone to get their flu shots this year. It is reported that last year there was somewhere between 37,000 and 42,000 cases. There were 61,000 deaths.

Those at the highest risk are children and the elderly. Also at risk are those with underlying health issues.

I'm immunocompromised, which means my wife will be dragging me to get my shot. I know some people argue they aren't effective, but for me...I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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