Whether you do the majority of your driving in Dallas, TX or further west in El Paso, TX, turns out there is more than one "red car myth" that we can put to bed right now.

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For years I've heard that insurance on red cars is more than that of any other car. Have you heard that? Probably our great-great grandparents heard that too back when they were buying up Model-T Fords, you know that only came in black.

Turns out it FALSE.

A study by InsuranceQuotes.com found that 44 percent of Americans think owning a red car increases insurance premiums. Though this is a widespread belief, it is 100 percent false. According to Insure.com, this is one of the top six car insurance myths.

There you go, myth number one busted. That takes us to what turns out to be just another old wives tale thought up by I guess someone who doesn't like the color red. Anybody under the impression that red cars get more tickets than other colored cars?

If so, get ready to have your mind blown wide open. Turns out that one is a crock of sh*t too. According to information at trafficschoolonline, red cars do not get more than their fair share of tickets. "They account for 16% of tickets and 14% of cars on the road, and those percentages are pretty equally matched."

So which color gets pulled over the most? Turns out it's a much more boring color, and that's gray. They report that while gray makes up 6% of total cars on the road, the color accounts for 10% of tickets.

Their study finds that the safest color is white, "which account for 25% of the total car population, receive 19% of the tickets, less than they should if all was proportional."

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